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NOPD Daily Major Offense Log



  Monday, April 28, 2014 thru Tuesday, April 29, 2014




#D-37491-14                                 60/Agg. Burglary                             Unit 181A

13:11hrs                                     1500 blk N. Derbigny St                      P/O J. Urrutia


Victim: Male, 06/10/88


Gist:  The victim was renovating the house at the location when 2 black male entered.  The subjects armed themselves with a handsaw and demanded the victims’ property.  An altercation ensued and the subjects fled with the victims’ car keys and cash.                   




#D-37878-14                           64K/ Armed Robbery (Knife)                        Unit 1834

18:00 hrs.                                Dauphine/St. Philip                             Det. Flores


Victim: 1) Female, 03/21/89 

              2) Female                             


Gist:  Occured Friday April 25, 2014, the victims stated a black male about 50-60years of age approached the victims from behind and snatched their purse.  The victims tried to fight off perp when the contents in purse fell out and perp picked up wallet and fled location.


#D-38145-14                           64G/Armed Robbery                          Unit 521C

22:20 hours                             2900 blk Dauphine                                    P/O Moore


Victim:   Female   DOB  4/13/90


   Gist:   The victim was approached by three black males, one armed with a semi-automatic handgun.  The perpetrator put the gun to the victim’s head and demanded her property.  The victim complied and the perpetrators fled with her bicycle and her purse containing a wallet, cell phone and house keys.

************************************************************************            THIRD PLATOON


#D-38206-14                      64K/Armed Robbery (Knife)             Unit 229C

22:59 hours                                  2500 blk Palmer Ave.                   P/O McDonald   


Victim:   Male   DOB  4/27/82


    Gist:  An unknown black male exited a white vehicle armed with a pocket knife demanding the victim’s bag and to empty his pockets.  The victim complied and the perpetrator fled.    




#D-38258-14                      64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                                  Unit 511C

00:13 hours                             Burgundy/Deslonde                                       W. Johnson


Victim: 1) Male,, 3-11-1983

             2) Male,, 3-26-1984


Gist:  The victims were walking in the area when 5-10 unknown males on bikes approached. One of the subjects, armed with a handgun fired 3 shots in the air then demanded the victims’ property.  The victims complied by giving  the, cash, a box of chicken and a case of beer.







  Saturday, April 19, 2014 thru Sunday, April 20, 2014










#D-25978-14                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                            Unit 713C

23:59 Hrs.                               4800 blk Hickerson                                         P/O  Payne


Victim: Male, 05-26-64


Gist: The victim was approached by 2 unknown black males in his driveway, who demanded money.  The victim complied.       


#D-25981-14                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                            Unit 721C

0:00 hrs.                                  4900 blk Marque Dr.                                       P/O Thomas


Victim: Male, 12-09-82


Gist:  The victim was approached by 2 unknown black males while under his carport who demanded what he had.  The victim stated nothing and ran inside.  The subjects fled.


#D-26169-14                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                            Unit 719C

03:28 Hrs.                               9100 blk Tilford                                                          P/O Mills


Victims:  #1) Male, 01-25-45

                #2) Male, 05-23-78


Gist: Victim #2 was dropping her father off at the house, when approached by 2 black males who demanded their property.  Both refused and the subjects fled,

************************************************************************#D-26206-14                           34C/Aggravated Battery (Cutting)                 Unit 425C

04:43 Hrs.                               Elizardi Blvd./Wall Blvd.                               P/O Major


Victim: Male, 05-14-65


Gist: The victim was walking from th club when approached by a vehicle.  A male got out, mumbled something about a women and swung what appeared to be a pair of scissors at him, cutting him on the hand.






   Sunday, April 20, 2014 thru Monday, April 21, 2014





#D-26460-14                                60/Agg. Burglary                             Unit 521A

12:15hrs                                     600 blk Independence St                     P/O O. Ortiz


Victims:  1) Female,,02/27/87

                2) Male,,03/22/80

                3) Male,,,04/04/82


Arrested Subject:  Kevin Lamerson (Tuddy),,,b/m,,07/11/88


Gist: The victim (1) stated the arrested subject knocked on the door and victim (1) opened the door and and the arrested subject came in.  The arrested subject was known to victim (1) as Tuddy.  When victim (1) turned from the door the arrested subject produced a handgun and pointed at Victim (1).  Victim’s 2 & 3 came into the room and the arrested subject pointed the weapon at the victims’ and stated to victim (2) , “where’s my money”.  Victim (2) stated, “I don’t have any money here.”.  The arrested subject told victim (2) to go and get the money.  When victim (2) left the location, he alerted the police.  When the police arrived onscene the arrested subject fled the location and was apprehended at 637 Gallier St.  The arrested subject was identified by the victims.








#D-27076-14                              34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                     Unit 525C

22:17                                                   1300 blk Alvar Street                           F. Jackson  


Victim: Male,,6-11-1961


Gist: Victim was walking to a nearby party, then he woke up stabbed to the back in the hospital. Victim sustained a puncture lung from the stabbed wound. Victim listed in serious condition.


#D-27162-14                               64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                      Unit 683C

00:02 hours                                    6th Street/Annunciation                         B. Stanley


Victim:  Female,, 7-4-1966      


    Gist:  Victim and male friend were sitting in her vehicle when two unknown black males walked passed them. Victim and friend exited there vehicle, both perps turned around pointed a handgun stating, “give us the f’n keys, shoot the mf’s”. Victim complied throwing keys to the ground, perps fled in victims 2002 blue Toyota highlander, license plate TJA159.






#D-27304-14                              64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                     Unit  321C

02:20 hours                                   6300 blk St. Roch                                       P/O Daggs


Victim:   Male     DOB  5/5/64


    Gist:   An unknown male pushed the victim to the ground and put a handgun to his neck.  The perpetrator removed the victim’s wallet from his pocket and fled in an unknown direction.


#D-27314-14                        34C(Domestic)/Agg. Battery (Cutting)               Unit 513C

02:30 hours                               1600 blk Arts Street                                             P/O Morgan


Victim:   Female   DOB 12/15/82


Arrest Warrant:  Karl Moore     B/M  DOB  12/5/79


Gist:  Victim and perpetrator were involved in a verbal altercation.  The perpetrator stabbed the victim in the right thigh with a pair of scissors.  The victim refused treatment.  An arrest warrant filed on the perpetrator.




Friday, April 18, 2014 thru Saturday, April 19, 2014





#D-23685-14                          64K/Armed Robbery (knife)                      Unit 611A

10:16am                                 Felicity St/Simon Bolivar Av                  P/O  A. Dupree


Victim:  Male, 09/30/68


Gist:  The victim was walking in the area last night about 9:45pm when approached by 2 black  males.  An altercation ensued, one subject produced a knife and the victim sustained a cut to the right chest area.  The subjects took cash out of the victims’ pocket then fled.




#D-24037-14                           60/Aggravated Burglary                                 Unit 223B

15:58 hours                             2000 blk Broadway                                        P. Mickens


Victim:  Male


Gist: Victim answered knock at door, when two unknown black males entered.  Suspect #1 armed with a shotgun demanded drugs from victim.  Suspects searched residence, to no avail.  Suspects fled residence without any of the victim’s property.             ************************************************************************#D-24218-14               34C/domestic, Aggravated Battery, cutting               Unit 1285

18:21 hours                 3200 blk General Ogden Street                                              P/O J. Trahan


Victm:  Female, 01/15/84 

Arrested Subject:  Kendra Hawkins, B/F, 04/25/81


Gist:  Victim and ex-roomate were involved in physical altercation.  Roomate produced a knife a cut victim once.  Arrestee was apprehehnded onscene and will be charged with domestic  aggravated battery.


#D-24516-14                           34S/Aggravated Battery (Shooting)               Unit 529C

22:42 Hrs.                               2200 blk Piety                                     P/O Holloway


Victim: Male, 05-20-86


Gist:Officers arrived onscene and found the victim with a GSW to the back.  He is listed in critical condition.









   Thursday, April 17, 2014 thru Friday, April 18, 2014




#D-22508-14                           34S/Agg. Battery (shooting)                          Unit 611A

11:45hrs                                    2800 blk Dryades St                                           P/O. Dupree


Victim: Male, 11/ 8/1982


Gist:  An unknown male approached the victim and began firing shots.  The victim fled and was later transported to a nearby hospital, condition unknown at this time.




#D-23155-14                          64G/Armed Robbery (gun)                          Unit 415B

21:09hrs                                  3600 blk Gen Meyer Av                                    P/O Q. Booker


Victim: Busness              

1) Male, 07/28/66

              2) Male, 12/24/71

              3) Male, 03/24/82

              4) Male, 03/13/94


Gist:  Two black males entered the business armed 95g and ordered everyone on the floor and stated, “give me everything you got”.  The victims complied and the subjects fled.




#D-23490-14                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                             Unit 285B

05:35hrs.                                 4200 blk Willow                                             P/O Clark


Victim: Female, 06-07-69


Gist: Victim was riding her bike , male drove up and demanded her purse.  The victim complied.  The perpetrator fled.






  Wednesday, April 16, 2014 thru Thursday, April 17, 2014




#D-21207-14                           29U/Unclassified Death                                 Unit 4515

12:41 Hours                            4700 blk S. Liberty St.                                                Det. Watson


Victim:  Known 2 month infant female


Gist:  The infant was in the care of her babysitter when the babysitter put the infant in a body carrier in attempt to quiet the child from cyring.  Once the infant stopped crying, the babysitter thought everything was okay.  After a while she checked on the infant noticing the child was unresponsive.




#D-21806-14                           64G/ Armed Robbery(gun)                 Unit 381B

20:08hrs                                        5000 blk Touro St                          P/O J. Kjellin


Victim: Male  12/19/59


Gist: The victim was walking back to his car after making a pizza delivery.  The victim  left the car running as he made his delivery.  As the victim attempted to enter his vehicle an unknown b/m approached him and placed a gun to side taking the victims’ vehicle. The subject fled in an unknown direction.




#D-21964-14                           30S/Homicide (Shooting)                               Unit 613C

22:50 hrs.                                2000 blk S. Liberty                                         P/O Haw


Victim:  Female, 07/30/54




Gist:  Officers found the woman inside of a house shot to the head.


#D-21966-14                           30S/Homicide (Shooting)                               Unit 707C

22:55 hrs.                                8400 blk Lomond Rs.                                     P/O Parker


Victim: Male, 07/29/1975


Gist:  The victim was found inside his vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds to the body.    He was pronounced dead on the scene.





#D-22039-14                                       64J/Car Jacking                                   Unit 183C

00:25 hrs.                                            1600 blk N. Roman                             P/O M. Boyle


Victim: Male, dob:06-25-1974


Gist:  The victim left a business and was getting into his car when the perpetrator stuck an object the victim believed to be a gun into his back.  Perpetrator stated,”Lemme get them keys”.  The victim complied and the perpetrator fled in the victims’ vehicle.  ************************************************************************                       







  Tuesday, April 15, 2014 thru Wednesday, April 16, 2014



No Major Incidents Reported




 #D-20395-14                           34S/Agg. Battery (Shooting)                     Unit 525B

20:25 Hours                                 1900 block Hope St.                            P/O A. Harris


Victim #1:Male, 8/01/1994

Victim #2: Male, 11/12/1990


Gist: The victims were driving in the 1900 block Hope St. when an unknown person(s) began shooting into their vehicle. Victim #1 received multiple gunshot wounds.  Victim #2 a gunshot wound.




#D-20744-14                              60/Agg. Burglary                               Unit 707C

04:49 Hours                               4500 blk Laine Ave.                             P/O T. Parker




   Gist: Unknown subject entered the residence, pointed a gun at the victim, and the demanded money. 





  Monday, April 14, 2014 thru Tuesday, April 15, 2014




#D-18538-14                        30S/Homicide (Shooting)                                  Unit 617A 14:13 Hours                              2300 blk Josephine St                                     PO K Battalia


Victim: Female (no further)


Gist: ************************************************************************










  Sunday, April 13, 2014 thru Monday, April 14, 2014




#D-16964-14                                    42/Agg. Rape                                        Unit 4504

09:09 Hours                                  3400 blk Monroe St.                                    Det. C. Lymous


Victim: Female, 20 Y/O                   


Gist: The victim was at home and engaged in an argument with her boyfriend.  The boyfriend choked the victim and forcibly raped her. A warrant was issued.


#D-17264-14                            34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                          Unit 523B

14:44 Hours                                 2100 blk Congress St.                             PO J. Doaty


Victim: Male, 06-08-1990


Gist: The victim was inside of the residence along with his girlfriend when a subject entered the residence and began a verbal altercation with the victim.  The subject produced a knife and threw it at the victim, cutting the victim.     




#D-17310-14                           34S/ Agg. Battery (Shooting)                            Unit 527B  

15:41 Hours                          Feliciana St/N. Rochablave St                        PO J. Lopez


Victim: Male, 12-04-1986


Gist: The victim was shot at an unknown location and drove himself to the intersection of Feliciana St. and Rocheblave St. where he crashed into a fence. The victim suffered gunshot wounds to the face and right arm.           


#D-17525-14                                  64J/Carjacking                                       Unit 719B

19:01 Hours                           St. Bernard/N. Dorgenois                       PO J. Wookman


Victim: Male,


Gist: The victim was trying to sell his 2001 Chevrolet Suburban, white in color.  A dark gray BMW pulled up and an unknown B/M asked about the victim’s vehicle.  The unknown B/M subject then put a black pistol in the victim’s face and said, “give me everything.”  The victim complied.  Another unknown B/M assisted the first B/M subject with stealing all of the victim’s belongings.  One of the subjects drove off in the victim’s vehicle and the other in the gray BMW following behind. 




#D-17741-14                       34CD/Agg. Battery (Cutting/Domestic)            Unit 621C

22:22 Hours                                      4200 blk Erato Street                                PO McIntyre


Victim: Male, 03-18-1968 



Gist: The victim and perpetrator were involved in a verbal altercation.  The perpetrator stabbed the victim multiple times.  The victim was transported to a local hospital.  An arrest warrant on file for the perpetrator.


#D-17829-14                      34CD/Agg. Battery (Cutting/Domestic)            Unit 711C

00:11 Hours                                        Wales St/Sand St                               PO Williams  


Victim: Male, 02-13-1986 



Gist:  The victim and perpetrator were  involved in a verbal altercation when she stabbed him in the left shoulder.  The victim was transported to a local hospital.


#D-17955-14                                  42/Agg. Rape                                         Unit 4571         

03:04 Hours                            6800 blk St. Charles Ave                                   Det. Haynes


Victim: 18 y/o Female


    Gist: The victim was introduced to two unknown males by a known female.   The victim  began drinking and then went back to watch a movie at the males’ dorm room.  The victim stated she engaged in consensual sex with one of the males and then went to sleep.  Upon awaking, she was sexually assaulted against her will by the other male.  This investigation is on-going.








  Saturday, April 12, 2014 thru Sunday, April 13, 2014




#D-15356-14                               34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                       Unit 725A

04:18 Hours                                      14400  blk Peltier Dr                               P/O K. Vallory


Victim:  Female, 02/08/68

Perp:  Known Female


Gist:  The victim went to the above location looking for her male friend.  As the victim was returning to her vehicle she was approached by a known female.  An altercation ensued and the victim sustained a cut to the hand.




#D-15894-14                            34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                        Unit 105B

14:38 Hours                                     500 blk S. Genois St                                  P/O Abram


Victim #1: Female, 11-11-1962

Victim #2: Male, 08-16-1983


Perp: Jeffiery Bradley, B/M, 05-20-1961 


Gist: The perpetrator, who is the boyfriend of victim #1, struck the victim two times in the face.  Victim #2, who is the son of victim #1 and has a heart condition, attempted to defend victim #1 and became engaged in a physical altercation with the perpetrator.  The subject struck victim #2 in the face two times.  Victim #1 was concerned for her son and his heart condition and attempted to stop the perpetrator from strikinig her son.  After several failed attempts, victim #1 armed herself with a knife and stabbed the perpetrator in the stomach.  The subject was transported to an area hospital and is in stable condition.  ************************************************************************

#D-16308-14                              34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                        Unit 211B

20:30 Hours                                   1700 blk S. Rendon St                                P/O  E. Route


Victim #1: Female, 04-30-1952

Victim #2: Female, 01-03-1983


Perp: Johnnie Leakes, B/M, 06-24-1954


Gist: Victim #1 was involved in a verbal altercation with her boyfriend at which time he pulled out a knife and cut her on the arm.  Victim #2 tried to break up the fight and was also cut by the subject. The subject was arrested on scene.   


#D-16481-14            30S/34S/Homicide/Agg. Battery (Shooting)            Unit 529C

22:37 Hours                               2100 blk Pauger St                               P/O Holloway


Victims #1: Male, 12-20-1981

              #2: Male, 01-25-1990

              #3: Female, 05-08-2012

              #4: Male, 05-23-1990   (Deceased)


  Gist:  The victims were sitting on the porch when four subjects began shooting at them.  Victim #4 was brought to University hospital by private conveyance and later expired.




#D-16547-14                            34S/Agg. Battery (Shooting)                     Unit 683C

23:30 Hours                                  Washington/Dryades                          P/O Stanley        


Victim: Female, 07-20-1991


Gist: The victim was traveling on Washington Ave when an unknown subject fired 12-15 rounds into the vehicle striking the victim in the back of the head.   The victim was transported to a local hospital in critical condition


#D-16673-14                            34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                        Unit 213C

01:46 Hours                                4200 blk S. Rocheblave St.                              P/O Rish                         


Victim: Male, 09-04-1964


   Perp: Brenda Neal, W/F, 01-30-1964


   Gist: The victim and perpetrator were involved in a verbal altercation.  The perpetrator picked up a steak knife and stabbed the victim once in the chest.  The victim was treated on the scene with a superficial wound and the perpetrator was arrested on the scene.  

************************************************************************#D-16787-14                           34S/Agg. Battery (Shooting)                     Unit 481C

04:03 Hours                                 1200 blk Belleville Street                         P/O Burmaster  


Victim: Male, 10-12-1988


    Gist: The victim was sitting on the porch when his friend “Milton” shot him multiple times.  The victim was transported to a local hospital.   ************************************************************************                                                                                   







Friday, April 11, 2014 thru Saturday, April 12, 2014




#D-14170-14                          20F/Auto Accident Fatality                    Unit 3711

11:36hrs                                 20000 Chef Menteur Hwy                  P/O K. Thompson


Victim:  Male, 9-27-77 (deceased)

               Male, 5-4-72



Gist: ************************************************************************

#D-14341-13                           64G/Armed Robbery                                    Unit 515B

13:58hrs.                                4000 blk louisa Street                                                P.O. J. Smith


Victim: #1) Business

              #2) Male, Dob: 11-20-1956

              #3) Female, 01/10/1951


Gist: The wanted subject entered the business armed with a silver revolver. The subject walked up to the security window and demanded money from the victims. The subject was given cash, prior to firing two shots at the security glass. The subject then fled the store, walked northbound and then unknown.


                                                     SECOND PLATOON


#D-14490-14               60D/Aggravated Burglary (Domestic)                     Unit 703B

15:55 Hours                           6200 blk Kuebel St.                               PO T. Hilliard


Victim:  Frmale, 2-16-77

Arrested Subject:  Darnell Brown, BM, 4-18-86


Gist:  The subject broke into the victim’s residence through the back door and struck her. He jumped out of the window, kicked in the front door and entered the residence again, smearing blood throughout the house.  The subject fled the scene but was apprehened in the neighborhood.


#D-14834-14                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                         Unit 781B

20:12 Hours                           13200 blk Chef Menteur Hwy.                                PO J. Jacquet


Victim:  Female, 11-27-65


Gist:  An unknown subject entered the business armed with a gun.  The subject pointed the gun at the cashier demanding money.  After she opened the register, he struck her in the head, took the money from the register and fled the scene.







#D-15138-14                                   34S/Agg. Battery (Shooting)               Unit 591C

 00:18 hours                                      St. Bernard/N Villere                      P/O Thomas                                                                                                                                         


Victim:    Male   DOB  1/7/74 




Gist:  Victim and perpetrator were involved in a verbal altercation.  The       

perpetrator pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the stomach.  The victim was transported to University hospital in stable condition.  An arrest warrant will be filed on the perpetrator.





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