Aug 03rd
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                        Sunday, May 13, 2012 thru Monday 14, 2012

       06:00 am to 06:00 am



No Major Offense




#E-20373-12                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                              Unit 623B

19:10 Hrs.                                Magazine/Marengo                                           P/O Lester


Victims: #1) Female,  DOB 04-18-89

              #2) Female,  DOB 08-12-88


Gist: Approached by an unknown white male, produced a 95g, demanded the victim’s money. The victims complied.  The perpetrator fled with cash.


#E-20579-12                           64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)                              Unit 623B

21:25 Hrs.                                1600 blk

St. Charles Ave.
                                            P/O Lester


Victim: Male,  DOB 08-02-47 


Gist:  Approached by an unknown white male demanding his wallet. The victim gave the perpetrator cash and the perp fled.

************************************************************************                        THIRD PLATOON


#E-20677-12                              42/Agg. Rape                                    Unit 4571

22:37 hrs.                                4800 blk

Camelia Street
                         Det. Haynes                        


Victim:  Known B/F  13 y/o


Perp:  Known B/M   (Grandfather)


Gist:   Perpetrator forced vaginal intercourse on the victim in March 2012.   


#E-20867-12                            64G/Armed Robbery (Gun)               Unit 217C

01:46 hrs.                                   N Villere/St. Louis                  P.O. R. Horner


Victim: Male,  DOB  11/12/90


Gist: The victim was walking in the area when approached by an unknown b/m demanding his property.  The victim complied, the prep fled with the victim’s wallet containing cash and his HTC EVO cell phone.


#E-20938-12                          34C/Agg. Battery (Cutting)                       Unit 1839

03:33 Hrs                                 200 blk Decatur Street                         P.O. S. Nolan


Victim: Male,  DOB 12/19/91


Gist: The victim was involved in a physical altercation at the House of  Blues and discovered several cuts to the chest area.  The victim was treated at UniversityHospital.




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