May 22nd
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Home Police e-Alerts NOPD 3rd Dist. Alerts Simple Robbery - 07-02-2010

Simple Robbery - 07-02-2010

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On Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at around 10:34 A.M., the victim was driving
in the 9500 block of Palmetto Street, heading to work, when her
vehicle was rear-ended by a box-shaped, rust-colored car. The victim
exited her vehicle and asked the other vehicle's driver, described as
an 18-25 year-old b/m, 5'8"- 5'9" tall, weighing 175 lbs, with a dark
complexion, wearing a white collared shirt with black horizontal
stripes, who also exited his vehicle, if he had insurance, who, in
turn, asked her the same question. The victim walked back to and sat
in her vehicle, at which time the other driver approached her, twice
demanding her purse. The subject then reached across the victim and
grabbed her purse, at which time she also grabbed her purse and a
fight began over it, during which the victim was punched in her face
two or three times. The perpetrator then fled in his vehicle driving
past her, heading in an unknown direction.

Citizens are advised that if they are involved in a traffic accident
similar to the one above, and they do not feel comfortable with the
situation, to drive to either the nearest police station or to a well-
populated area, such as a gas station or shopping center/grocery store
parking lot, and wait for the police there to investigate the
incident. If en route to either of these above locations, they
observe a police vehicle, they should flag down that officer, and
inform him or her of the situation.

If you have any further information on this incident, suspect, or
vehicle, please call the Third District at 658-6030. You may also
call Crimestoppers anonymously at 822-1111.

Remember to report any suspicious persons or activities you see in
your neighborhood by calling 821-2222. In an emergency, call 911

Captain Greg Elder
Third District
New Orleans Police Department

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