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Home Police e-Alerts NOPD 3rd Dist. Alerts Aggravated Assault (Domestic) - Suspect Arrested - 06-10-2010

Aggravated Assault (Domestic) - Suspect Arrested - 06-10-2010

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On Thursday, June 10th, 2010 at around 7:15 A.M., the victim and her
husband, Marcus McKnight (B/M 06-02-1975), became involved in an
argument at their home in the 600 block of S. Hennessey Street, during
which he grabbed a large black rifle from the closet, placed it to her
head and threatened to kill her, then punched her in the face with his
fist when she attempted to leave. Responding Officers apprehended and
arrested Mr. McKnight, who was charged in the above offense. The
rifle used in the crime was also recovered.

Additional information on this arrest and/or subsequent prosecution
can be obtained via the Docket Master at

If you have any further information on this incident or suspect,
please call the Third
District at 658-6030. You may also call Crimestoppers anonymously at

Remember to report any suspicious persons or activities you see in
your neighborhood by calling 821-2222. In an emergency, call 911

Major Greg Elder
Third District
New Orleans Police Department

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