Apr 21st
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Fight Crime with projectNOLA

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Developed to help reduce crime by promoting communications and public awareness, is your portal to breaking local news, free expert advice, and community involvement! With your help, here's how we're going to do it:

  • Awareness is the cornerstone of our anti-crime initiative. By creating a portal that combines the latest news from local media, press releases from local authorities, free expert advice, and user-submitted i-Reports of breaking news, we trust that projectNOLA will heighten your level of community awareness.

  • Second only to our goal of community awareness, is our goal of genuine public understanding. To that end, makes participating in blogs and community forums easy. Whether you are telling your own story, or reading that of another, user submitted posts bring the deeper story to light while enhancing greater understanding of the problems our community faces.

  • Finally, but certainly not least, it is our goal to greatly enhance community involvement. How? We make it simple. We make it easy to participate in micro neighborhood or community on line watch programs where users can private message or post to a special forum suspicious activity or crime in their area. Better yet, we have local experts on hand to help your neighborhood set up it's own, inexpensive, private crime camera system where you can view your entire neighborhood in real time from your home, office, or even your cell phone!

To make our neighborhoods safer also means giving to those in need. Many don't know about this, but our local law enforcement entities still need basic items such as office supplies, to children toys and baby seats for child perfection services. We want to help connect volunteers and materials to local organizations in need with a special emphasis on fighting crime, promoting safety and helping victims of crime.

In closing, we invite area professionals who can give expert advice on security, crime prevention, child safety, contractor fraud, or how to recover after being victimized, to post articles to our expert advice section and to become active in our community forums. Your valuable time will greatly be appreciated by projectNOLA readers.

Welcome to the community!!!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 April 2009 16:41 )  

Breaking Orleans & JP eAlerts

  • 34s - Joliet and Palmetto - Shooting
    Shooting reported at Joliet and Palmetto. Arriving NOPD units advised finding a victim shot to the face. ...
    Posted 19.8.2014 17:10 by BryanLagarde , currently offline
  • 34s - S. Galvez and Erato - Double Shooting
    Shooting reported at S. Galvez and Erato, so far reportedly involving 2 GSW victims. Please use caution i...
    Posted 10.8.2014 0:26 by BryanLagarde , currently offline
  • 34s - 2400 Lavender - Shooting
    Already responding to the area on reports of gunfire, inbound units were advised of a shooting on 2400 Lav...
    Posted 9.8.2014 23:16 by BryanLagarde , currently offline
  • 30s - France & Almonaster - Homicide by Shooting
    The NOPD has advised us of a Homicide by Shooting at France Rd. & Almonaster, involving a female victim. ...
    Posted 29.7.2014 11:54 by BryanLagarde , currently offline

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