Jul 04th
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Takin' it to the Banks

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Do you know this man?

Well let me help you.  This Zombie mystery quest is a little different than previous ones.  I'm actually going to name this guy....well not really.

This man supposedly goes by the name Milton Banks or Milton E. Banks.  What's rather curious about Mr. Banks is that he shares a social security number with a local high ranking political figure (see above).  In fact, this high ranking official has property in New Orleans listed under Mr. Banks SS #.....4478 Venus Street, New Orleans, LA  70112.

What's also interesting is that Mr. Banks owns a couple of properties in Waco, TX under the same SS particular:  1615 Mitchell Ave., Waco, TX 76708.

Oh hey...non-sequitur....did you see the story about Mitt Romney using bank accounts in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes and scrutiny?

I wonder how much money was in those accounts.  I'm sure it wasn't anything of the meager level a local crooked politician would try to hide in the Cayman $187,000 and $212,000.  Yeah...Mitt is worth a lot more than that.

Anyway...curious how a man can acquire two social security #'s, huh?


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