Jul 30th
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Happy birthday to America and AZ

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America turns 236 and American Zombie turns 6 today.

Hard to believe my first post was six years ago.  On July 4th, 2006, I unwittingly gave birth to what I refer to as my illegitimate child.  1,458 posts later AZ is averaging about 25k views a month.

Not close to the 1 million views a month gets but still not too shabby for a little, old blog.  BTW, contrary to Ricky Matthews claim that is pulling in 4 million views a month...According to it's only pulling in 1 million and it looks like that number is sliding.

 I wonder if they're telling their advertisers that.  Still they dwarf the competition in the local market.

Anyway...Happy birthday to America and AZ.  As always I post my favorite Americana picture ever...Elizabeth Shue wrapped in a dirty Old Glory:

Ain't that America...

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