May 25th
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Just when you thought it couldn't get much slimier

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Bajoie earmarks fund niece's job at SUNO

Aside from Bajoie-Ford’s salary, SUNO has about $62,500 of documented expenditures for thee Economic and Urban Tourism program. Many of them, such as a membership in the Krewe of Oshun, stray from the program’s stated purpose of assisting small, minority-owned tourism businesses with advertising, marketing and development.
Also, thousands of dollars were spent on catered events and excursions such as a guided swamp tour.
Lucy got some 'splainin to do but Lucy ain't talkin'....or remeberin'
- Bajoie-Ford has not responded to several calls or email.
- University officials so far are unable to explain Bajoie-Ford’s payment schedule, and Diana Bajoie says she doesn’t recall the earmarks.
With a memory like that should she really be serving in City Council?  Is the mayor seriously going to keep defending this woman's "integrity"?  How much damage can she do between now and the next District B election?  
I think it's time for a resignation and an investigation.  I particularly want to know why there are so many derivations of "Twelve", "Twelfth", "12th" Ward Save Our Community.
Hat's off to City Business and Ben Myers.

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