Is Jindal Blind and Deaf?

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From a recent bill he signed, we’d have to say he’s blind, deaf, and dumb. Dumb in the fullest extent of the word. is reporting that Guvna Jindal signed legislation giving Orleans judges the right to set their own rules regarding phoning in bond orders and inmate releases. Does he have any clue what condition New Orleans exists in? The city’s citizens (yoo hoo Jindal – voters!) are living in fear. Recent times have proven that not even a child’s birthday party can be held without tragic results.


Now, it isn’t like this is a minor part of their job. It might be in other cities. But in New Orleans, with the rate of violent crime daily rising, this is a large part of their duties. It also isn’t like the judges of Orleans Parish have a stellar record when it comes to dealing with violent offenders.


The words “set their own rules” just sets my teeth on edge. When you put those words in the same context as Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judges, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Add in the words “inmate release” and I go screaming into the night.


How simple are we going to make it for Orleans Parish to continue the revolving door system of justice?


“Hi, take a number. When your number is called you’ll be arraigned. Then we’ll make a quick phone call and the judge will call back with your bond. Pay it and out the door you go. What’s that? This is third time today you’ve been here. Well, you know the ropes then.”


Hey, maybe we should create a system for drive-thru hearings. Or, we could just abolish the courtrooms and do it all by phone. Sure would save a lot of money in maintenance and utilities to shut those courtrooms with all that hot air that floats through.


The courts are ignoring the citizens of the city. Judges must drive to and from their jobs with blinders on. They must never attend church, eat out, go to a movie, or attend a party. How could they? How could they look their fellow citizens in the eye knowing the number of known bad guys they keep recycling through their court rooms?


There’s a lot to be said for having to look a man or woman in the eye. When you have to stand face to face to deliver a decision it takes all of the anonymity out of it. When you can hide behind a telephone, it makes it a lot easier.


Obviously the Guvna didn’t have to stand face to face with a New Orleans citizen, or better yet crime victim, as he signed this piece of legislation. And he obviously doesn’t think it’s important for judges to have to stand face to face with someone when they lower a bond or release a prisoner. But he’s possibly made it even more likely that more citizens will have to stand face to face with a criminal, and pay the consequences.

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Oh - and a P.S. - Wouldn't it be nice to know who proposed the legislation in the first place?? Hmmm??
Pronola , June 14, 2012

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