Aug 03rd
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Hello New Orleans

Keep the Promise of Compromise

Posted by: Pronola

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It is 1:30 p.m. on the 4th of July. As far as I am aware, New Orleans has already registered two shootings, one resulting in a homicide, and a carjacking.


On this day in 1776 we became a nation, united against all usurpers. On September 11, 2001, we renewed our pledge as a nation against usurpers and dug deep within us to resurrect the patriotism of our forefathers.


We learned freedom from those patriots. But we didn’t learn some other essential lessons. Or we learned them, and are using them for selfish ends rather than the meaning originally assigned in 1776.


The pursuit of happiness was not meant to mean happiness at a high cost to others. Those in New Orleans who are perpetrating the instant gratification of theft, robbery, assault, battery, murder, rape, and vandalism learned the wrong lesson. Their happiness is not meant to come at someone else’s loss. They are misusing the freedoms fought for over and over and over. They are not soldiers in a fight for further freedoms. They are monsters who believe they deserve anything they desire, regardless of the cost to other humans.


The right to bear arms was declared so that the country, as a Nation, could repel those trying to take hard-fought liberty from us. It was not meant to be a call to use arms to settle all differences, real and imagined. It was not created as a right for people to use weapons within the United States borders to threaten other members of their own community. The right to bear arms is not synonymous with the right to act pig-headed, stubborn, obnoxious, and irresponsible.


The city of New Orleans forgot the lesson of how compromise was the cornerstone of the writing of our Declaration of Independence. Not all of the signers of that document were completely satisfied with the wording. But they recognized the import of having such a declaration, and a nation with liberties for all, and so they signed it. They didn’t raise guns and shoot those opposing them. They didn’t run out and find their “homies” to vandalize the hall where debates were being held. They stood fast, listened, talked, debated, listened more – and compromised.


Too few understand the power of compromise. It can win wars, heal families, expand businesses, establish friendships. It is much more powerful than aggression when it is used often and is wide-spread. ComPROMISE includes a promise in it. It is the promise that although going forward may not be easy, it will be accomplished to the betterment of all. It is a promise of accomplishment and progress.


So your car is older and less stylish than others in your neighborhood. Get over it. So you want better clothes. Work for them. So you think your girlfriend/boyfriend looked too long at someone else. Suck it up and look around yourself.


Compromise. Celebrate your freedom to do so. Find a way to pursue your happiness without disturbing someone else’s. Be glad you’re American and have the right to do these things openly.

You Want Cheap? We Got Free!

Posted by: Pronola

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ProjectNola has expanded far beyond its original mission. In fact, it has grown monumentally in the services it provides, the information it shares, and the relationships it has built. It has grown in all aspects except one. And unfortunately, that one aspect is a critical one.


ProjectNola is a fully volunteer non-profit organization. The postings on Facebook meant to alert citizens to dangerous or troublesome situations are posted by volunteers. Those volunteers get the information through actual police dispatch and patrol unit interchanges over the police scanners. It is factual, accurate, and timely.


On any one day, the ProjectNola Facebook page gets hundreds of hits, and many postings receive comments from concerned citizens. However, at least once a week a message is posted asking what happened in a specific location. Sometimes, the question can be answered. But more often, it can’t.


The reason it can’t be answered is because no one was available to monitor the scanners during the time that incident occurred. A handful of volunteers put as many hours as they can into the monitoring. But it is too few spread too thin in a city that has a lot going on.


So many times when something horrendous occurs and is posted, at least one comment mentions wishing they could do something to help the city.


Well, folks, you are missing the cheapest, easiest, safest method of helping the city. It costs absolutely nothing but your time to help ProjectNola. Putting your information into the form to join the website and gain access to the scanners does NOT place you in jeopardy of being hounded for contributions, further requests for aid, nor is your information passed on to any other entity. It costs nothing to become a member, and will never cost you anything to monitor except participation. Free is as cheap as you’ll get.  Monitoring the scanners is as easy as listening to a talk show. It is absolutely safe because you do it from your location, at your convenience – early morning, mid-day, late night - whenever you are available.


When you first start listening to the scanners it can be daunting, agreed. The dispatchers and units talk fast. But the more you listen, the more your ears become attuned to the phrasing and ways that units and dispatchers talk to each other. The major signals become second nature. Because only administrators can post alerts to the Facebook page, your online name will never be associated with your real name.


The results of your membership are tremendous. It expands the monitoring capabilities of ProjectNola. It allows you to understand much more clearly the actions and reactions of the New Orleans Police patrol units. You gain an understanding of both their level of service and the environment they work within. It provides you with information that is priceless when election rhetoric muddies the water.


Please consider exploring some volunteer time with ProjectNola. It would certainly be one of the most important yet easiest charitable contributions you’ll ever make.

How To Report a Crime or Information To the NOPD

Posted by: Pronola

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If you call 911 either due to a crime or to report suspicious activity or witness information to the New Orleans Police Department, please use these guidelines. It will get you better service, and give the police unit responding the information they need in a timely manner.


1.      Leave at least your first name and a phone number where you can be reached. If you do not want police at your door, please just say you will talk to officers by phone ONLY. They will honor that. You may have further information you do not realize you have that is critical, or information that the operator did not realize needed to be gathered on the initial call. If you don’t leave a name and/or a callback number and there is either a serious shortage of units at that time, or more serious violent crime ongoing in the area, your call COULD be simply marked up as unfounded.

2.      If the address you are calling about is an apartment, MAKE SURE you give the apartment number to the operator, even if you are not asked for it. Crucial time is wasted trying to locate apartments or make callbacks to get apartment numbers. The same goes for any codes that are needed to get into gated areas.  Make sure your children and anyone staying in your home knows all of this information or that it is posted where they can read it off to a police operator if needed.

3.      If the area you are calling from has a lack of posted addresses, or is not well lighted, if you are not endangering yourself, be prepared to flag down responding units.

4.      If you are calling in a medical emergency, give as much information as you can about the victim/patient – age, type of medical problem, clothing they are wearing, landmarks if not at a posted address.

5.      Information that is generally NOT reported to the police and should be when reporting the perpetrator of a crime, or a suspicious person: detailed clothing description (long or short sleeves, long or short pants, shirt color and distinguishing stripes or writing, type of shoes and color), hair style (long, short, bald, dreads, curls, color, etc.), direction they went, any tattoos, piercings, or scars that are visible.

6.      Information that is needed when reporting a hit-and-run vehicle or suspicious vehicle: make and model, as close as possible to the year (is it older or newer model, shape of grill or taillights), type of tires, any tinting on windows, any stripes, dents, or missing chrome on the vehicle, any outstanding stickers, how many occupants if you can tell, the direction taken.

7.      While waiting for police units to arrive, write down everything you remember, no matter how tiny and silly sounding.

8.      If you are calling about drug dealing in your area, attempt to observe where the drugs are being kept while remaining safe – under a house, in a mailbox, in a vehicle, in a piece of clothing, etc. This gives the police reasonable cause to look for the drugs. Make sure this information is given to the operator on the initial call so that responding units can act immediately.

9.      If you are unfortunately the victim of a crime, do NOT take the time to call your mother, brother, sister, father, cousin, neighbor, or BFF. Call the police first. Time is of the essence. If the crime is ongoing do NOT call someone else to call 911 for you! Call them yourself even if you cannot stay on the phone. Give a brief description of what’s going on, the location, and hang up.

10.  FIRST AND FOREMOST – do NOT place yourself in danger to gather any of this information. Make sure you and those around you are safe first.


This may sound like an impossible amount of information to gather in the face of an emergency. Train yourself NOW, before the emergency occurs, to be observant. Practice describing in your mind vehicles around you at stop lights. Practice taking in details when you pass people on the street. We humans do not use most of our brain because we don’t train our brain to take in the information. This is something you can do for free, In very little time, that may make the difference in solving a crime or not.

Ad Infinitum - Ad Nauseum

Posted by: Pronola

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I had some extra time this weekend and I went back into my earliest blogs. They started in June, 2009. What a depressing walk down memory lane!


It’s been 3 years. Three whole years and all but a few of those blogs could be run again today. The city has stagnated in a crime-ridden cesspool of bureaucracy and bull.


In 2009, I was writing about then-Mayor Nagin and then- Chief Riley. One was crazy and the other was incompetent. Both seemed evil for the city and its citizens. Well, they may be gone, but much has remained the same under their successors.


The city is still experiencing murders on an almost daily basis. Other violent crimes are committed relentlessly: armed robberies over iPhones and X-boxes; carjackings for less than popular year and model vehicles, sometimes for the purpose of a joy ride but more often for the purpose of being used in another violent crime; beatings; rapes; domestic violence hasn’t slowed a tick. The number of guns and the amount of ammunition to supply them has not slowed in the least. No neighborhood is immune; no age bracket more or less likely to be affected; no activity considered sacred.


The homeless still roam; the mentally ill still create a steady stream in and out of the few remaining mental health beds. Without statistics, I can’t verify my misgivings, but I think the number of attempted, and unfortunately successful, suicides has risen. I also can’t tell whether domestic violence incidents have risen, or more are just being reported.


The general public, in large part, blesses each day that they and theirs are not the victim of a crime. People still run inside at the signs of trouble rather than surging in heroic numbers to stem the tide of violence or even to aid the victim. “It’s someone else’s problem” is still  the mantra.


The police, despite valiantly trying to do more with less, are still impugned for the most part. Officers are trying to mount an attack on the bad guys in cars that have no spare tires, no jacks, bleeding radiators. Often they are driving on fumes trying to reach any city gas pumps that are in operating condition. Line-ups in 2009 and 2010 were often given by phone because the number of units to be called out would slow radio traffic. Now, the line-ups in most districts are a couple of limping cars and maybe a supervisor or two. Foot patrols are culled from the ranks of units on the streets and often have to make a mad dash back to their car to respond to a serious crime in the area. The few vehicles with operating in-car computer systems are highly valued for running identification records and determining the course of a crime from written comments. The voices of those officers without this technology can be heard making pleas for help from those who have it.


Those crimes that are heinous enough to draw the public’s attention still receive rhetoric and statements and planning and meeting, and little more.


Where are the sweeping reforms promised during campaigns? Where are the no-miss methods promised during appointments? Where are the changes for the good that we all thought were about to stabilize the city?


New Orleans was, somewhere back in history, a city of grace, mystery, romanticism, and commerce. She was the jewel of the Mississippi. She was the lazy, laid-back haven of seersucker suits and polished shoes, of porch-sitting and family gatherings. She was electric, perfumed, and appealingly naughty.


Today she is dark with evil, spewing the stench of irresponsibility and carefree morbidity. She can no longer roll with the punches. Each one leaves a sucking chest wound. She is a shell.


I was so hopeful when I chose the online name Pronola. I was ready to be an instrument of change. I desperately wanted to see my city rise from the muck and mire of the Katrina days. I joined in battles against apathy, bureaucracy, mismanagement, malfeasance, and plain stupidity. I cared and as New Orleans lay gasping I was determined to put every skill I had to work to not only resuscitate her but to help her regain her luster.


I am a changed person now because my city has done nothing to change. Pronola may now be a misnomer.


RIP, the NOLA of my hopes.

Entitlement At Its Worst

Posted by: Pronola

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For a while, the big talk in Human Resources circles was about the horrible attitude of entitlement held by those seeking jobs. They talked these job seekers who felt entitled to sign-on bonuses, huge benefits, the right to higher-level jobs with no experience, etc. and lamented the absence of those with a work ethic and an understanding of “paying your dues” before moving on.


The world needs only to look to New Orleans for entitlement at its worst.


New Orleans is filled with those who feel entitled to do as they please:

·         Entitled to free housing, whether they sign a lease or not

·         Entitled to steal those things they want

·         Entitled to free medical care

·         Entitled to take another’s life for any reason, real or imagined

·         Entitled to roam the streets all day and all night seeking pleasure

·         Entitled to take no responsibility for their actions

·         Entitled to a free flow of drugs with little interference


Then add to that the visitors (and natives as well) who feel entitled to:

·         Drink until they can no longer stand up

·         Vomit on our streets

·         Pee on our streets

·         Insult anyone in the vicinity while under the influence

·         Take no responsibility for their actions but expect the city to protect them


The city is also led by an administration that feels entitled to:

·         Give the least amount of service for the most amount of money

·         Rely on rhetoric rather than action to deal with situations

·         Votes and loyalty based on generational alliances rather than integrity or services provided

·         The right to act like children to get their way

·         An appropriately running city without the leadership to get it there

·         The responsibility to invite and encourage even more people to visit and vomit in the streets, pee on sidewalks, leave a path of litter as they walk – and to consider this as adding to the city’s economic standing


You are not born to entitlement. You earn entitlement. New Orleans doesn’t get it, might never get it. The only thing the city and its citizen have ever been entitled to has been the city’s position next to the Mississippi. Nature gave that entitlement. But until the city and those within it get the damage the environment of entitlement has caused – the city will continue to slide into oblivion. Will the city exist in five years, or will it have become a lawless outpost on the Mississippi River where roving armed gangs rule and the remaining citizens are held hostage by a misguided, romanticized memory of the city? But then again, did anyone in the city ever do anything to be entitled to the city that New Orleans could be?

New Orleans Needs a Bigger Dad/Daddy Day

Posted by: Pronola

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A father is the man who dispenses his sperm so that, when coupled with an egg, a small speck is created that grows into a human. He’s a biological phenomenon, a part of a process.  

A Dad is the man who squirts you with a water gun to wake you up on your birthday. He’s the man who shoves his fatigue deep inside to watch yet another losing baseball, or football, dance recital, or soccer game. He’s the man who takes you with him to Home Depot and explains what each screw is meant for whether you want to know or not.

A Daddy is the man who holds you tenderly when your first love walks away. He’s the man whose eyes gleam with tears when you walk across any stage, for any reason. He’s the man who makes 48 cupcakes for a class party because mom has the flu.

In New Orleans, there are a lot who can celebrate Father’s Day, some who can celebrate Dad’s Day, and a few who can celebrate Daddy’s Day. And therein lays one of the problems with the city.

There are an awful lot of father’s in New Orleans. They donated sperm in a moment of power or lust. And they left it at that. They resist every effort to draw them into the ranks of Dad or Daddy. In fact, it’s questionable whether some of them have the capacity to reach the level of Dad or Daddy. They never intended to be anything more than a sperm-sowing machine.

Many of those within the ranks of father only knew they had a father. They never knew the joys of a Dad or a Daddy, and now they are perpetuating that tragedy on another generation.

I don’t know if there is a full answer to the dilemma. I know that one solution lies in the female population. The woman holds the full power of human creation by natural law. One two-letter word creates that power – NO. And ladies, if NO means nothing to the man you’re with, then you’re with the wrong man.

Procreation is not a business. The dry-cleaners on the corner is a business. A woman’s body is not. It is not a receptacle meant to provide a service.

It means nothing to have five baby daddies if at least one does not rise to the rank of Dad and Daddy for ALL of the children in the household. The city of New Orleans is already populated with too many young men and women who will never know a Dad or Daddy. Some barely know their mother.

The marks of Dads and Daddies are worn with pride, surrounded by those who can use those terms for the men in their lives. Love is a term they understand and use. The mark of a father is only shown by false-pride, describing numbers, circumstances, and methods used to avoid responsibility. They don’t ever “love” a woman; they lust after them and use them.

Ladies – check your men out carefully. Are they comfortable as solely fathers, capable of only tossing you and your progeny to the winds when the winds shift? Or are they those men who hang around after the baby is born, populating the house with every manner of stuffed animal and discussing topics such as education, health care, and birthday parties?

New Orleans needs no more fathers. New Orleans needs Dads and Daddies.

Is Jindal Blind and Deaf?

Posted by: Pronola

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From a recent bill he signed, we’d have to say he’s blind, deaf, and dumb. Dumb in the fullest extent of the word. is reporting that Guvna Jindal signed legislation giving Orleans judges the right to set their own rules regarding phoning in bond orders and inmate releases. Does he have any clue what condition New Orleans exists in? The city’s citizens (yoo hoo Jindal – voters!) are living in fear. Recent times have proven that not even a child’s birthday party can be held without tragic results.


Now, it isn’t like this is a minor part of their job. It might be in other cities. But in New Orleans, with the rate of violent crime daily rising, this is a large part of their duties. It also isn’t like the judges of Orleans Parish have a stellar record when it comes to dealing with violent offenders.


The words “set their own rules” just sets my teeth on edge. When you put those words in the same context as Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judges, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Add in the words “inmate release” and I go screaming into the night.


How simple are we going to make it for Orleans Parish to continue the revolving door system of justice?


“Hi, take a number. When your number is called you’ll be arraigned. Then we’ll make a quick phone call and the judge will call back with your bond. Pay it and out the door you go. What’s that? This is third time today you’ve been here. Well, you know the ropes then.”


Hey, maybe we should create a system for drive-thru hearings. Or, we could just abolish the courtrooms and do it all by phone. Sure would save a lot of money in maintenance and utilities to shut those courtrooms with all that hot air that floats through.


The courts are ignoring the citizens of the city. Judges must drive to and from their jobs with blinders on. They must never attend church, eat out, go to a movie, or attend a party. How could they? How could they look their fellow citizens in the eye knowing the number of known bad guys they keep recycling through their court rooms?


There’s a lot to be said for having to look a man or woman in the eye. When you have to stand face to face to deliver a decision it takes all of the anonymity out of it. When you can hide behind a telephone, it makes it a lot easier.


Obviously the Guvna didn’t have to stand face to face with a New Orleans citizen, or better yet crime victim, as he signed this piece of legislation. And he obviously doesn’t think it’s important for judges to have to stand face to face with someone when they lower a bond or release a prisoner. But he’s possibly made it even more likely that more citizens will have to stand face to face with a criminal, and pay the consequences.

8 big wedding trend to create the most beautiful bride

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8 big wedding trend to create the most beautiful bride


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Wedding rent or buy the most beautiful bride wedding

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Wedding rent or buy the most beautiful bride wedding


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